Monday, February 21, 2011

Catching Up a Bit

Okay this picture was taken on the 27th of December.

I put it down and finally picked it back up on the 30th of January thanks to 2 hours of sitting time while the boy is at First Tee learning great life lessons and playing golf.

It's been roughly a month of Sundays at First Tee (not that I stitch the whole time.....lets not get TOOOOOOOOOOOO crazy here. I do enjoy a game or two on my iPod. ;) ). There wasn't a class yesterday; but I did put a few stitches in on it anyway; just because.

Then there is the girl. She's on the right side of this picture. Dressed in her A Team warm up shirt. She started the season on A Team, broke her ankle, came back and was put on the B Team. The girl that moved up into her spot was sick last Wednesday, so Renee got her spot back (for that game only as far as we know). She isn't a fan of me taking pictures as is evident with the running. lol She played really well and doesn't seem to favor her ankle at all when she's playing. :) This game was for the District Championship. Thankfully DH was off and took the boy to his future HS for class registration. Because of that I was able to watch the Defenders win the Championship game!! So much competition for a MS, I really don't remember all of this when I was a kid. Not sure I would have liked it either!!!

So; to sum it up. I stitched on Pot Luck and nothing else like I should have. The girl is back to basketball and having fun with the last few games of the season and the boy has filled out HS registration forms. Now to play the waiting game to see if he got the things he signed up for.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A bit of stitching...............

actually got done!! It's a bit amazing; but I have actually done a little stitching. I worked on Pirate Treasure and BoINK. We made it through the New Year and all that good stuff and had lots of family time. It's always great to have some family time. I don't really have much to write this time; I'm saving that for the day I get to write that the girl is free to run around the world again. :)

Here is PTM as it stands, so much left to do; but it was great to stitch on it again. :)

And BoINK, I'm still going with the border only.

This week I've pulled out Noah's Sub. Here's hoping that I can get at least a few stitches in on it.